Piraten Open Air Theater

Piraten Open Air Theatre

Piraten Open Air TheatreA whole region is under the charm of the Caribbean!

Ten  years ago, a crew of pirates anchored their ship in Grevesmühlen. Since then, Grevesmühlen has become the pirate’s capital of Mecklenburg, Western Pomerania, where outlaws fascinate spectators with the rumble of gunfire, clanging swords and spectacular stunts. Every season with a new chapter of the adventures and encounters of Captain Flint and his buccaneers, the actors, stuntmen and pyrotechnicians abduct their guests into ancient times, where the stories of courage, power and greed, love and betrayal are being told.

“Germany's response to the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’,” newspaper and TV-stations declared. The spectators are close to the play on the great 9000 m2 stage and can experience the story almost right in the middle. 1500 seats on the bleachers are often enough completely sold out. The pirate open air theater is not only a big attraction for the tourists in the region; even the citizens of Northwest-Mecklenburg come at least once a season into the pirate's village close to the highway A 20 - just to learn how the story continues. However, it is still fun for the whole family. The afternoon shows are fit for five years old kids. And they are very welcome.

The show starts on June 20th. The final curtain falls September 6th. The world of the pirates has fascinated children and grown-ups for decades and longer. Adventures, written down in books for young and old, Hollywood movies and stage plays have captivated their viewers, who then made themselves into captains, buccaneers and tough guys in the top of the mast, the cutlass between the teeth. In their fantasy they were brave heroes or rotten villains, they were robbers, or rescued beautiful woman and gained - last, but not least - the treasure.

Nowadays, the Grevesmühlen-theatre makes it possible for its audience to almost feel the ship's crew themselves. Only a few meters divide the actors from the viewers. Inspired by the novel "Treasure Island" by Robert Louis Stevenson, the producers developed their own treasure-island world. Questions, never answered in the legendary source, are now close to the answer. In addition, the authors combine the fantasy world with real historic personalities of the pirate's era.

It began with Flint's childhood as an orphan in Bahia Honda and his career as sailor, master and skipper. Captain Flint encounters Henry Morgan before he became governor of Jamaica, Anne Bonny, the most notorious female pirate that ever lived, as well as the infamous "Calico Jack" who often raided Vera Cruz and introduced Anne Bonny to the world of the Caribbean. Captain Flint also meets Stede Bonnet, the gentleman pirate from Barbados, Captain Edward England, Batholomew Roberts and the viceroy of Spain. A ten-year series of plays tells the whole story of Flint and his adventures.

In 2014, they narrate the fourth episode: "Treasure Island – Bone Island". Once more, the 70-persons-ensemble abducts the audience to the seaside of America. Fire, guns and swords, breaking planks and hearts, gallant fighters and encouraged stuntmen bring a Caribbean feeling of another kind to the coast of Mecklenburg.

Moreover, this year, the one and only real pirate's tavern along the Baltic border opens its doors. Welcome to Mama Juana's kitchen! Enjoy the Caribbean flair in a rustic atmosphere and join the pirates, listen to their stories and the songs of Squeezebox-Teddy, the last living troubadour. The grounds between the ticket office and stage entrance have become a picturesque village where fortunetellers, rum dealers and souvenir sellers wait for their customers.

Piraten Open Air Theater
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“The Ghost Ship” – Story 2016

It is the year 1694 AD. It happened just as Flint had said it would. “The Pearl” followed Baba the Scoundrel to the island of Jamaica. But the wind soon died down and “The Pearl” sailed back to the Cayman Islands on a more favourable wind. Captain Flint however, sailed The “Walrus” on a south-easterly course over the Caribbean waves.  20 days later they reached the Windward Passage, the yonder strait which the “Urca de Lima” was also navigating. All day and all night the sentinels stood on the lookout for the Spanish treasure ship. But their wait was in vain. Then all of a sudden the sky darkened and a loud roar announced an approaching hurricane. Illuminated by a flash of lightening, the high masts of a ghostly sail appeared out of nowhere. Flint’s order “hard to Starboard” steered The “Walrus” away from the spectre, which had appeared as quickly as it then disappeared into the depths of the waves. They waited for the storm to pass by in the shelter of Sapodilla Bay. But a mere five sea miles away, the “Urca de Lima” fought for sheer survival. The rocks on the seabed ripped the poor ship open and tore her apart. The ship and her crew battled for their lives but only 25 men survived the carnage. Once the survivors had come to, Don Adolfo, the mission’s leader and Don Alfredo de Cervezas, the Spanish ambassador, put their Spanish Ordinance in place for those left stranded. It was not just the niece of the Viceroy who hoped for swift assistance - every single Spaniard on the shore of Provo Island hoped for the same. No one suspected though, that they were already being watched for some time…

When Flint and the crew of the “Walrus” came over the dunes and saw the destroyed “Urca”, they came across Paul Whopper and The Buccaneers with a strange prisoner, who the crew recognised to be Billy Bones. After hearing Billy’s curious story, the Buccaneers promised to fight side by side with Flint for the “Urca’s” treasure. The treasure was soon won. Flint felt on top of the world. He had the Urca’s gold and had taken the Viceroy’s niece for a nice fat ransom. But time was against him and so he devised a bold plan to stay King of the Treasure. However his luck with the ghost ship, which had led him to the island, quickly ran out. The brutal Don Adolfo de Krawallo, who everyone assumed to be dead, quickly turned his Spanish hunting ship “Kaka de Fuego” around. “The Walrus’s” small crew was no match for this concentrated power of thundering canons and resolute Spanish soldiers. A curtain of fire blocking their way meant that an escape to their ship wasn’t possible. Flint and the crew had to once again fight for their lives. But the brutal enemy wanted everyone to bleed onto the sands of Grace Bay; whether friend or foe, Don Krawallo knows no mercy. Before everyone ended up dead at the hands of the Spaniard, Flint suggests one last trade, which Don Krawallo agrees to. And so not just “The Walrus’s” crew is saved, but also Dona Isidora, the niece of the Spanish Viseroy. Only Flint and Scully’s fates are left uncertain in the hands of Don Krawallo. In the end, three ships leave the dream island together, but their courses couldn’t have been more different. None of the Spaniards suspect what unimaginable secret remains in the white sands of this paradise island. Only “The Walrus’s” men know. And the Ghost Rider of the Sea leads them on in the wake of “Kaka de Fuego”.

But our next adventure, “The Execution in Cartagena” has already begun…

"Treasure Island - Bone Island " - Story 2014



It's the year of our Lord 1692, and as the winner in the naval battle with the " Revenge " by Capt'n Roberts left Flint the islands of the Bahamas and New Providence. 


His course was set for the south- west, however unfair winds blew him to the north, directly into the den of the Spanish lion, St. Augustin, Florida's city of Spain‘s most powerful and dangerous man.Don Serano. 


Luckily, this was the only place Flint could collect the last piece of the puzzle, a Bible, to get the coordinates of the treasure island he sought out. As quickly as Flint and his crew appeared in St. Augustine they fled, with the Bible, setting them back on course to Bone Island. However,they did not see  the dangers which they had created for themselves during their visit to St. Augustin. 


Flint, obsessed with the thought of the priceless treasures, would have missed the island paradise if not for the many bleached bones glowing  like a beacon from the Caribbeans blue waters. Steering towards their mark they dropped anchor in Smanthers Bay on Bone Island.


With the help of the Indians and their chief Yaccahero, the island's secrets are revealed: Gold and silver in abundance. Everyone dreams of a future with no worries. Nothing should stop these dreams from becoming reality.


No one knows of the impending danger. Flints men, Hands and Ben Gun have plans of their own, and to make matters worse, she appears. The devil in human form… C.C. Roberts. The sister of the great Bartholomew Roberts, and she too wants the treasure. Each faction believes they have the right, and they have strong allies. One of them is Long John Silver. This brings  Capt'n Flint to the brink of despair. What is Silvers plan in all of this? Does he sail on his own account?


This life and death battle against Flints crew from C.C. Roberts pirate horde seems unwinable. Without warning the Spaniard, Don Badregal, under the command of Don Serano, becomes the 3rd and final party in this epic struggle and conquest of paradise. Flint sees two threats now. In one hand, C.C. Roberts, and  the Spaniards in the other.  Will Flints plan to bring his old partner, Silver, back in his favor and bring about a stalemate? Will Silver devise a plan of his own to save the lives of all involved? Or will all be lost when the fanatical Don Badregal challenges Flint to a final duel tot he death?


In the end good triumphs. The Spaniard succed in capturing, C.C. Roberts and her crew condemning them  rot in the Fortress of San Marco. Yaccahero reveals even more treasures of Bone Island to Flint. With these treasures safely stowed in the holds of the ships, they then weigh anchor, and set sail, heading south-west without a moment to lose as a huge spectacle of nature sinks Bone Island and there in its catyclysmic wake rises the flat coral island, Key West The name known to the sailors and the entire world to date.


The new course leads Flint and his crew ever further into the Caribbean Sea to new adventures on their way to immortality of their legends.